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The Phone Fixer is focused on the repair and refurbishment of most PCS and smartphones across all protocols and technologies.lts progressive wireless solutions are enhanced through the integration of its warranty management program,fullment,logistics and leading edge technology. The Phone Fixer works with medium to large organizations that require high volumes of wireless repair and refurbishmenLThese include but are not limited to wireless dealers,carriers.extended warranty providers,wholesalers and retailers

The Phone Fixer is a customer-foucesed organization which specializes in tailoring its solutions to the unique requirements of each client.lts proprietary service center application enables efficiencies and provides flexibility unheard of in the industry. The Phone Fixer features a strong set of competitive differentiators:

Highly Trained Technical Staff

Facilities,Equipments and Technology

Customer Services

Sophisticated revers and forward logistics

Industry-leading quality control

Fast turn-around

Web-based tracking and reporting in real time

Servicing most brands

All repairs guaranteed

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